Our rich experience in various domains enables us to help our clients achieve their goals of World
Class Solutions. Dhii Technologies is a leading outsourcing company providing reliable services in
Power, IT, Manufacturing and Retail etc. While we cover most of the activities in Digitization, IT,
Languages etc… we have focused Project/Program management and Quality consultancy in other
When you read below, you will find that we work in -
• Language Tanslation / Interpreatation
1. Translation and/or Interpretation of
     Indian and/or International languages

2. Localisation and Developing eLearning
     programs for clients with various
     languages involved 
• IT Infrastructure Management
1.  IT Help Desk  / IT FMS
2.  Computer AMC
3.  Computer Networking LAN / WAN / Routing
4.  IT Infrastructure Management
5.  Datacenter/Database Management
6.  Data Recovery
7.  IT Reporting
• Data Digitization
1.    Scanning of Hard Copy Data files
2.    Digitizing the data in Software System either
Manually (Data Entry) or using tools like
3.    Designing Software Systems to suit client
requirements like 'Search' etc
4.    Software Application Development for
Digitized data utilization       
• Project / Program Management
  We execute the projects related to -
· Data Digitization,
· R & D,
· IT,
· Manufacturing,
· Power
· Retail
· Infrastructure
· Education
· Social Sciences
· HealthCare
· Hospitality
· Government
  And More …………